Cookie Crumbles #22

Hello all!

Here in Ireland we are currently in a period that some have dubbed ‘The Decade of Commemoration.’ For those of you who are not that familiar with Irish history, here is a link from Irish History Compressed that outlines the main events involved. The 1913 Lockout, which began in August 1913, is the first major event to be remembered. Here is a brief look from BBC News at the legacy behind the Lockout.

Photo Credit: Marcus Ginns via Royal Albert Hall

Photo Credit: Marcus Ginns via Royal Albert Hall

For anyone who has experienced the joy of visiting the Victoria and Albert museum, or any of the other institutions located in west London (also dubbed Albertopolis), you have one man in particular to thank for his inspiration and effort. Here is a brief history of Prince Albert’s influence on Kensington’s Cultural Quarter.

In honor of the recent passing of Seamus Heaney, here is a link to 11 videos of Heaney reading his poems aloud. This literary master will be truly missed.

For all you history buffs out there, here is an interesting link to list of the ‘Worst Dictators You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.’ Have you heard of any who made the list? Or is there someone else you felt should have been included? Let us know in the comments!

Here is a link to an article discussing a proposed tax on the sale of antiquities. Although the idea has some merits in regards to helping source countries raise funds to promote and protect their own heritage, the idea still needs a lot of work if it will be able to be beneficial to all. What do you think?

Finally, here is an example of what can happen when social media and history connect. After compiling a wealth of information, a group of historians (or ‘Ripperologists’) have begun tweeting a real time account of the events surrounding Jack the Ripper and his infamous killing of women in London’s East End. Follow the Twitter here.

Until next week!

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  1. brucegaston

    Thanks for the link! You and your readers may be interested to know I’ve updated the resources on the Decade of Commemoration. They can now be found at:

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