Cookie Crumbles #16

Hello all!


Linked above is a video about the Internet Archive, a storehouse of digital information in San Francisco put together by a non-profit team of librarians and archivists. They also aim to collect over 10 million volumes of physical books to digitize and subsequently store. Ultimately, their goal is to provide universal access to all knowledge. In their opinion by keeping things active and accessible to the public they are subsequently able to keep them relevant and therefore worth saving and remembering. In other words, “access drives preservation.”

If you want to check out the internet archive itself, take a look here.

This year marked the 69th anniversary of the invasion of Normandy during WWII, otherwise known as D-Day. On June 6, 1944 a group of heroic Allied troops stormed the beaches in what became the largest sea-bound invasion in history. Tragically over 10,000 soldiers died over the course of the battle. If you want to learn more about this historic event, check out this short video from the History Channel here.

We talked a few weeks ago about Amelia Earhart’s historical flight across the Atlantic in May of 1932. Recently, researchers have discovered the remains of a plane off the coast of an uninhabited island in the South Pacific what may turn out to be the craft in which she took her final flight in June of 1937. Check out more on the story here.

This year marks the 24th anniversary of the protest in Tiananmen Square. Despite the fact that so much time has passed this event is still not publicly acknowledged by the Chinese government. However, due to the rise of social media the event is still able to be remembered and commemorated by those in China as well as those abroad. This situation brings up interesting questions in regards to the censorship and selective memory associated with contested events in history. What do you think?


Last, but not least, photographer Kerényi Zoltán has created some truly amazing work with his “Windows to the Past” series of pictures, like the one we have featured above. Be sure to take a look at some of the highlights being featured in this article from Buzzfeed or if you have more time, be sure to check out the complete collection on Zoltán’s Flickr account here.

Until next week!

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