Cookie Crumbles #14

Hello all!

A digger claws away at the sloping sides of the Mayan pyramid in Belize

One of the most upsetting stories from the past two weeks is the destruction of a Mayan pyramid in Belize The Noh Mul temple was bulldozed by a construction company for road filling. Read more about it here and here.

The clip above is the first episode in the fascinating History Channel series, Tudors From Above. It looks at the Tudor dynasty and their influence on the country through aerial photography and video of the landscape. Longer than the videos we normally link, but definitely worth watching.


In other British aerial news, in honor of their tenth anniversary, the Museum of London Docklands commissioned this exhibition of the London Skyline made entirely out of sugar cubes. So cool!

In memory of Amelia Earhart’s flight across the Atlantic on May 17, 1932, here’s a link to a video documentary containing photographs that have recently been uncovered in relation to this famed flight.


Finally, in celebration of the 102nd anniversary of the New York Library being dedicated (read more here!) we give you this article that proves why libraries are not yet irrelevant yet. We hope that it stays that way!!

Until next week!

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