Cookie Crumbles #8

Mr. Rogers is universally beloved and revered not only for his ingenuity at being a the host of a brilliant children’s show, but also for the simple fact that he was an incredible human being. So in celebration of his birthday please feel free to grab your cardigan, change into some sneakers and take a read, neighbor.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we have linked above a collection of vintage Guinness advertisements. These colorful posters give a peak back at the characters and slogan used to sell this world-famous beverage.


Above we’ve included a link to creative photo editing that shows what pictures of famous individuals throughout history would have look like the photographs would have been taken in color. Enjoy!

In art related news, the FBI has finally been able to identify the criminals responsible for stealing over $500 million worth of art from a Boston museum over 20 years ago. Although they now know who is responsible for this sizeable heist, the locations of the paintings stolen is still unknown. With a $5 million reward for tips leading to their retrieval, keep an eye out for these famous works.

Until next week!

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One thought on “Cookie Crumbles #8

  1. I’m unsure about whether I like black and white photographs being transformed into coloured ones. Think it undermines them as images themselves, changing them into something different. What do people think?

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