Cookie Crumbles #6

Happy Women’s History Month!


Here at Trinity we had a very exciting development in the field of Public History this past week! A group of recent graduates have gotten together, gathered funding and support and created the New Women’s Museum.

The inaugural exhibition opened this week in the Long Room Hub at Trinity College. Although the museum doesn’t have a permanent home yet, its opening exhibition was very well received and hopefully is just the beginning of what is yet to come from this group of visionary and talented ladies. Please like their Facebook page and feel free to visit the website linked above!

Following on the heels of our last few posts on up and coming web shows, here’s a link to the newest one that’s done by mental floss. Again, hosted by John Green, the show is an off-shoot of the highly popular and informative website that is filled with articles on interesting facts and stories. Definitely worth a look.

The article linked above details the fundamental change in the way art is viewed and purchased. The days of auction houses are coming to a close, as the market moves on towards art fairs. An interesting read for anyone thinking of getting a job working at a gallery or art museum or just has an interest in art in general.


And last but not least, here’s a tumblr we found devoted to Ryan Gosling and filled with Public History references and quotes. Enjoy!

Until next week!

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2 thoughts on “Cookie Crumbles #6

  1. Poor Ryan Gosling gets dragged into so many things!

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