Cookie Crumbles #3

Featured in this video are the ‘Vlogbrothers’ John and Hank Green, two enormously talented and intelligent individuals that have a youtube video blog on which they discuss everything from current events to their everyday lives. Here the two visit Dublin and give a lively commentary on the city and its history.

The meteor falling in Russia this past week was certainly one of the most reported on incident in a very long time. In terms of all the meteors to hit earth though, Friday’s occurence is dwarfed by the one covered in the article above that hit Siberia in 1908.

For your viewing pleasure, here are 30 amazing places to visit if you are a bibliophile.

This article details the truly amazing story of Herb and Dorothy Vogel; an ordinary working class couple who managed to amass one of the most significant collections of modern art over the course of four decades despite having no formal training and limited funds. The majority of their collection is now housed at the National Gallery in New York City.

Until next week!

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